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10 points to check if your business is ready for China

To get to work in China is not only important to ensure the market is ready – you must also consider if your business is ready for China itself.

1. Is your website available in Chinese language?
If you are not confident about your translation (e.g. used Google Translate and hoped for the best)ensure that you have it reviewed or retranslated by a professional.
If, instead, your website does not have at all any translation in Chinese, you need to fix that as soon as possible. Although some people in China do understand english, it’s impossible to expect all your customers to know it. It’s better to provide a translation in Chinese – simplified Chinese will be all right, but if you want to provide an extra for users from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, you can also translate in complicated Chinese – although a lot of they can understand the simplified version as well.

2. Is your website easily accessible from mainland?
If you have no idea, you can do a free test by clicking here! In case you found out that your website is not accessible in China, or it’s pretty slow, you’ll need to work on optimizing your website for China. At SinoActive we can handle this for you or provide instructions to your technical team to make sure your website can be visited in China without any problems by anybody.

3. Is your website mobile friendly?
If you are not sure, Google Search Console provides a free tester where you can just insert the URL and receive the answer you need. If it is not, you must work on this as soon as you can. The amount of people who own a mobile phone in China and use it for their internet daily browsing is much higher than in the other countries, which means most people – depending on the type of business you do – may visit your website from a smartphone. Ensuring their general experience will be good will improve also their satisfaction in using your services. Here you can find some more tips about how to optimize your website for China.

4. Is your product already known in China?
If not, but you have some competition there, then your marketing may be comparative – showing the differences with your competitor. If there is no competition at all, which means yours is a totally new product or service, you need to consider first if it is the right product for China. If it is not or you are not sure, then you should consider a consulting session to know what improvement, according to the local needs of the market, you can work on. Once it i OK for the market, then you need to consider very well how to market it before you start, especially if it has no competition. Once the marketing starts, you won’t have much time before competition will get there – so you must get ready properly. Depending on what you are going to offer, you’ll want to use different methods or socials. Ask us for advice.

5. Are you protected against Intellectual Property Theft?
If you are not sure about being protected by IP in China, it is possible for us to both verify and, in case of negative result, take care of applying IP for your product or service. Furthermore, if you are not sure about how IP in China works, feel free to ask us.

6. Do you have knowledge about China’s political system and government, and the ways they could impact your business somehow?
Do not fear: in the majority of the cases, China’s politics will not affect any business at all. Actually, the few exceptions that do exist imply you are a very big corporation – and in that case a consultant will be very useful: to make some examples, automotive manufacturing, mining business, oil extraction or scientific research. If you want more details, you can read our article about Chinese business and politics, or ask us for details.

7. Do you have intention to settle a business office in China?
In case you want to settle it, remember you can choose between a virtual office (an extremely cheap option that allows you to have a prestigious address, although you will be barely able to use its space) or get a real place to have your employees work in. In both of the cases, we can help you to find a good option according to your budget and business type. Although it may not seem so, getting a office in the center of Shanghai is not always the best option – and that’s excluding its tremendous renting fees.

8. Can your activity receive some government incentive?
Consider to read more about the five year plans and other initiatives from the Chinese government. We covered also the Made in China 2025 initiative, the Lianghui (Two Sessions) and the Liuwen & Liubao (six points to stabilize, six guarantees) so you can get some more ideas. If you think your business can benefit China, or you want to know how to get these incentives, ask away.

9. Do you have at least one staff member who speaks Chinese and you can trust?
If you have somebody, but you are not sure you can trust the person – or you have somebody you can trust, but you really are not sure about his or her Chinese level, we advise you to make sure. It is fairly easy to exploit the common stereotypes people have against China, and without a firm standpoint in this country, your company won’t have a stable beginning.
If you have nobody to rely on, then according to your budget you need to consider whether you should get a consultant for your beginning, or request a headhunter to find you the right people for you. In both cases, we are able to help.

10. Have you ever been to China?
A lot of the stereotypes people may have towards China will be fading once you visit it
, or, less easily, as you try to discover more about it through the web. For those who cannot afford the journey, we advise to spend some time to review the videos you can find on YouTube and similar websites to understand the different opportunities you can get in China.

In conclusion, if most of your answers are yes, then it is clear that you have good chances in China. Remember that your efforts must be continuative and not temporary, otherwise you will lose it all. If you do not feel like you can afford a long-lasting effort, consider outsourcing part of the job. Even removing tiny issues from your workload can make it much more easy on you. Whether you need to find a person for this or you wish to request the job to a staff of professional consultants, SinoActive will be by your side to help you get a solution. Send us your thoughts and we will reply ASAP!

Otherwise, believe us, you are on your way to get there. Reading this post already gave you several ideas, and really many businesses start in China in those conditions and their success rate is not bad to the point you should give up doing it right now. If you have time to spare, though (e.g. you do not need to rush in to seize an opportunity with a limited lifespan), take some extra care to know more what you are going to do. That will increase considerably your chances, and make it much more easy to manage everything. Bonus: your risk to have nightmares because of your business in China will be much more low 🙂
Use the resources we provided to check or solve your issues and feel free to contact us by email if anything does not look clear.
We’ll be happy to give you some hints – and do not worry – it will be free of charge.

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