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5 Interesting automotive fairs in China in 2021

The automotive sector in China is quite huge, and there are many fairs – both local and international. The international exhibitions are particularly interesting because people from Pacific area and Asia can access to them more easily than the ones held in Europe or America. There are also many visitors coming from the Middle East and Africa.
We provided a list of 5 interesting automotive fairs in China in 2021 for you, so you can decide which one to attend (or not)!

3 Fairs for automotive repairers

  1. Automechanika Shanghai (AMS), Shanghai, from 24th to 27 November. The fair is held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC).
    Exhibitors (2019): 6269
    Visitors (2019): 150000
    Period: yearly
    Our comment: by far the most important exhibition in the automotive field. Second perhaps only to Automechanika Frankfurt for internationality, and even bigger than that by number of exhibitors and visitors. More details here. If you need to do a fair in China in this field, Automechanika Shanghai is a must, no matter your specific field.
  2. Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo (AMR), Beijing, from 24th to 27th April. The fair is held at the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC).
    Exhibitors (2019): 1241
    Visitors (2019): 59102
    Period: yearly (excluding 2020 edition due to COVID-19)
    Our comment: a smaller exhibition supported by the Messe Frankfurt organization, that also controls Automechanika. Visitors were from 70 different countries in 2019, which means there is a certain internationality level.
  3. China International Exhibition of Automobile Service Chains (CIAACE), Beijing, from 28th February to 3rd March. The fair is also held in Guangzhou in July.
    Exhibitors (Beijing, 2019): 5593
    Visitors (Beijing, 2019): 286000
    Period: twice per year, once in Beijing, once in Guangzhou (excluding 2020 due to COVID-19)
    Our comment: one of the biggest automotive fairs for repairers. Its Guangzhou edition may not be as fancy as the Beijing one, but Guangzhou is the center of the repairing business in China. Depending on your interests, you may want to visit/exhibit in one or another place, or in both. The picture below shows the event in Guangzhou in 2017. Source: CIAACE

2 Shows for tuning enthusiasts

  1. GT Show, Suzhou (Jiangsu), International Expo Center, from 26th to 28th March, and Foshan (Guangdong), Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, from 17th to 19th September.
    Exhibitors: 216
    Visitors: 110000
    Period: twice per year, once in Suzhou, once in Foshan
    Our Comment: the GT Show has a rather low attendance of professionals (35%) compared with the previous fairs, but it attracts lots of people. It is conveniently always hosted in the weekend to maximize visitors who may go out of curiosity and hobbyists. We advise to attend only if your product has a large consumer base or as a marketing move. It mainly promotes automotive tuning culture. A picture below of the entrance to the GT Show in 2019 (Suzhou edition). Source: GT Show.
  2. All In Tuning (AIT), Dongguan (Guangdong), from 22nd to 24th October, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center
    Exhibitors: 300
    Visitors: 61000
    Period: yearly
    Our Comment: like the GT Show, All in Tuning has a low attendance of professionals compared with more expensive fairs, but also lower costs. It is not very international, so a foreign brand exhibiting there has a certain advantage if well prepared. Dongguan is very close to Guangzhou. Guangdong as a province is the heart of automotive industry and close to Hong Kong and Macau SAR. It mainly promotes automotive tuning culture. We also made a video showing around this event in 2020, but it was less packed than it will be in 2021 (as every event in 2020 was affected by COVID-19)

Let us know if you are interested into more analysis of fairs in China. We also offer help to organize exhibitions or visiting the events in your behalf.

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