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7 things to remember to restart after the lockdown

All over the world, many companies are experiencing the phase two and getting back on their feet.
There are several things to keep an eye on, so that the company can go back to its previous output as soon as possible:
1. The Budget: it is the most important thing. In a economic crisis period, setting a budget and not crossing it cannot be avoided. Furthermore, the balance has been thinned out by weeks and weeks of lockdown, and even as fast and stable as recovery can be, you still need to expect sudden downturns. Preparing well to those situations will ensure the safety of your business in the long term.
2. Input Resources: if your company needs some resources to provide services or products, then it is better to make a stock of what it needs. Although in your country things are getting better, nobody can make sure it will be the same everywhere. Try to strike a good balance between your budget and a longer term stock.
3. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): although the virus may not scare you, you really do not want to get back into lockdown. You must make sure as many as possible will wear their PPEs. You can refer to our post about the importance of masks during phase 2. This will not only protect your staff but also protect your customers, so ensure everybody understand how and when to use them. Consider PPEs as part of your Input Resources, and stock on them properly.
4. Smart Working: whoever can do it should do it. This will reduce the consumption of PPEs, minimize the risk for everybody to be infected and reduce expenses as well. If you are not sure whether something can be done from home or not, give it a try or try to find out if somebody has some trick – in the past 4 months many changed their mind about the feasibility of smart working for their job.
5. Online Sales: home delivery is very convenient and extremely useful in this period, so if your business does not have yet a proper presence on a online sales platform, it might be time to work on it. You can combine it with gig economy to provide a quality service and at the same time help those individuals who are trying to make some small extra money.

6. Online Marketing: remember that even as lockdown is lifted, people won’t go out as often as before for some time. It is the right moment to learn and experiment with Online Marketing. There is no point to print handouts if you have nowhere to distribute them.
7. Flexible Payments: lockdown was painful for everybody. As much as you might want to free yourself of your debts or gather a safe amount of savings just in case, remember you are not the only one. Try to be more understanding of your customers – they probably are also in the same situation as you, if not worse. Accepting flexible payments, when done properly, can let you satisfy the needs of more people. Even if your income per customer will be distributed over time and thus significantly less in the short term, you can balance this out with the sheer quantity of people you can attract with your flexibility.

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