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We started a business in China, one year later…

It was May 2020 when we started a business in China named SinoActive.

We did not play the start up or crowdfunding card. To get us moving we used nothing but our savingsknowledge and efforts. We started the company in Shanghai, the most fast-changing business environment in the world.

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A year quickly passed since when we started a business in China, and boy if it wasn’t an amazing experience.

We’ve come across many interesting projects, people, ideas and opportunities. We got to work side by side to our partners, and what can we say?

As always, we will be straightforward. We were successful and had troubles and even made our own share of mistakes. Regardless of all, our biggest source of pride is that we achieved our main objective: maximum customer satisfaction. Whoever gave us money got what they were promised and even more.

This is the very foundation of any business.

We may not have hundreds of customers, and it’s fine. As our team grows more and more, we will still keep aiming for quality over quantity no matter what!

We gave our all to those who felt able to trust a small consulting company born in the midst of COVID-19 outbreak, in what was just the beginning of a wave of anti-China sentiment. While politicians spoke about containing China, businesspeople kept trying to figure out how to make more business with China. And Chinese businessmen kept looking for new ways to expand in foreign markets, too!

Therefore, for us it was and it still is not just business, but a mission.

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We may be nothing but a small piece of the huge puzzle that is our world, but by bringing companies together with our work, we can and will make the difference.

What about you? What are you going to do with your company?

It is the time to get on the stage. The curtains will soon open, the whole world waiting for you.

How will you make the difference?

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