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We want to bring China to the world, and the world to China

Founded in Shanghai in 2020, SinoActive has a double focus on both chinese enterprises who want to get their business in the international market as well as foreign enterprises interested into finding the key into China. We believe that the world needs China, but China needs the world even more. SinoActive has been built to fulfill all the needs of who understand one (or more) of the following three key concepts.


Without challenge, there is no growth. Without growth, there can only be a slow death. That applies to both business and life. SinoActive wants to make both the team and the customers feel challenged and (re)discover the value of striving for the best.
The approach that SinoActive promotes is the pillar of any technological breakthrough and fundamental for the general progress.

China is a huge opportunity that cannot be ignored

Any company planning to last for long in a business will look into China
as a new marketplace and
a solid economic foundation.
Being the biggest single-country market and an economical powerhouse, ignoring China is a big mistake.

Innovation and
Efficiency bring forth

Whoever wants to do something that implies innovation or efficiency will eventually get to China.
Due to its unique geopolitical and social features, China is the ideal place to look for, develop, experiment and market new technologies and products. Who wants to be the first in anything must be the first in China.

Although small, our team is made of competent and motivated people, each with solid assets, network and background.
We truly believe in the concept “less is more”.

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