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Business and COVID-19: how to make your ends meet

Business and COVID-19 do not get along very well. Most would agree that 2020 will be remembered as the year when the entire world achieved incredible feats trying to fight an invisible enemy.
Others also add that people will remember for long the economical crisis that is bound to hit most businesses worldwide.

As a matter of fact, several business have been pushed down on their knees, especially those related to tourism. But that’s not all.
In this climate, it is understandable those who believe that 2020 is going to be another “crisis year”.

But, if we make an in-depth analysis, we will find out that not all businesses are struggling. Some of them are actually experiencing growth. Examples of those business are from the following categories:

Doing Business through COVID-19 made Tiktok more and more useful in China
TikTok , in China known as DouYin, is one of the most popular social media today

Business and COVID-19: Home entertainment (videogames, TV, social networks)

A single mobile game published by Tencent (Arena of Valor, a 5v5 mobile game similar to League of Legends) managed to make 280 million dollars in a day during the Chinese New Year. That was just when the virus outbreak was close to its peak in China. Compared with the results of the past Chinese New Year in 2019, it managed to double its income.
Furthermore, recently, many social media contributed to the rise of influencers. They can use their fame and contents to promote products or express very influent opinions. Thanks to the pandemic, their strength even increased. For example Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, increased its active user by 60% compared with last year. Douyin now boasts 400 million users per day: 28,5% of the entire Chinese population uses Douyin every day. Many entrepreneurs, including factory owners, agricultural companies (even family businesses) and restaurant owners started using the new socials to promote their activities, achieving a huge success.

Going through the lockdown by Remote work software

ZOOM managed to increase its daily users from 10 million per day to 300 million in just 4 months. The remote access software Ding Ding, made by Alibaba, has 2 billion downloads only on Huawei App Store. This is thanks to the vast use made by Chinese students and teachers.

Online Education (private lessons)

The education for the next generation is always one of the biggest concern for parents all around the world. Because of the pandemic, many schools are still closed and online lessons or long-distance-learning can sort the issue in part, but not entirely: in order to ensure their children can keep the pace, many parents chose to invest in private lessons.

Medical supplies factories

Although some countries already start to slowly go back to the normal life, without the vaccine or a specific cure for COVID-19, equipment such as face masks will be needed for long time.

Business and COVID-19 and… Online sales

So many shops are being forcefully closed or working part time. That’s why business of home deliveries during COVID-19 is experiencing more and more success. Many suppliers, in order to keep their balance positive, chose to bypass the distribution chain and directly promote their products online – especially through social media. An example are the chinese farmers, using livestreaming shows. In this way, they can let people discover the quality of their fruit and the whole gathering process. In some cases they reach even more than 100 million views for one streaming. Even Hubei farmers (where Wuhan, center of the outbreak in China, is located) are standing up by livestreaming their oranges!

What else?

Much more industries will recover from their crisis or will try to figure out a way out in the next months, so, although it is possible to say that in general there is an economic crisis – and nobody can say it is not true – we need also to remember that there are businesses blooming right now. But the most remarkable fight against COVID-19 is the one of those businesses that, although disadvantaged by the outbreak, resist by adopting safe, while effective countermeasures. Now it should be time to adapt to smart working, focusing on training the staff that is lacking enough work, and letting everybody fill on all those important tasks that can never be done due to lack of time or organization.
We need to remember: those businesses that will have not only survived the COVID-19 outbreak, but kept working and making money, will be the ones that we should look up to in the post-coronavirus future. They will be the ones who innovated enough and lived through the outbreak, regardless of its length. They will also be those businesses that will be most ready to take head on the future challenges.

What about SinoActive?

At Sinoactive we believe that only the one who helps himself will make it through thick and thin. Doing both business and COVID-19 lockdown seems impossible, but many have managed, and more are figuring out new ways.
The one who is waiting for help from someone else – no matter if governments or vaccines or anything else – is no different than a shipwreck at the mercy of a sea in tempest.
If he will survive, it will not be out of his efforts. It will be sheer luck. And next tempest he will probably apply the same strategy, since it worked before.

SinoActive started working during this storm to be able to help all those people who are already trying to help themselves somehow. Through our knowledge and our service we are definitely going to be able to help you out.
Want to make some changes of current business to make it more resistant to external issues?
Are you seeking for different opportunities in the new markets to have more baskets for your eggs?
Do you wish to receive the help of someone professional and trustable to develop your business in China, even in this complex period?

Let us help you

SinoActive is just here for you. We can represent your company and handle deals for you in China. Finding sellers and suppliers in for your niche, organize and attend to your marketing events and activities both online or offline. The most important thing is that we are not going to be just translators: we will study and understand your products and services as well as the core values and culture of your company: they will become ours and we will carry them over everywhere we go.
Discover how to expand your business in China, with solutions made especially for you.

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