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Carbon Neutrality: China’s plans for 2060

In 22 September, Xi Jinping declared at the UN General Assembly that China would reach Carbon Neutrality by 2060.
The declaration is pretty strong for any country. Still, it counts even more if we think that it is China the country we are talking about.
China individually contributes the most to the pollution of the planet, because it is the factory of the world. Much of the industrial production made by non-Chinese brands is located in China. Even like this, the per capita pollution rate is not as high as many developed countries. Yet, China’s economy has indeed a strong negative influence on the environment.
Such a decision will be a great improvement for our lives. Of course, that’s only if it can be achieved without just moving the pollution elsewhere.

China’s plan to fight pollution

China divided its plan in steps. By 2050 it is supposed to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions and 90% less than the current greenhouse gases emissions. That’s pretty much a requirement to reach the ambitious objective of total carbon neutrality by 2060.
There is also a plan to use carbon removal technologies and carbon sinks to forcibly reduce carbon dioxide as much as possible.Carbon neutrality is a stepping stone to protect the environment and fight climate change
So what will happen in the close future?
First, China plans to reach its peak emissions by 2030 or earlier. This doesn’t mean China won’t try to cut the emissions before then. It is actually already doing that – but the most intensive measures are delayed until then.
It is most likely that all the future Five Year Plans will have a dedicated section to achieve Carbon Neutrality, so we will have much more info in early 2021.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality in Developed Countries

China is one of the few developing countries to really need such a perspective on pollution, because most of the pollution actually comes from developed nations. The European Union actually planned in 2018 to start its plans to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050. Japan very recently decided to get there by 2050, too.
Many other countries pledged to achieve this important result, which will be a great stepping stone in the fight against climate change.

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