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Open the door
to China with SinoActive

China is a huge and thriving market in continuous development.
Read more to find out how SinoActive can help
your activity in several key areas to ensure
a great business experience in China.

Boosting development

SinoActive helps to open the chinese market for international businesses. China has a lot to offer as a consumer market, but requires proper direction to ensure success. We believe that the only way to boost development of societies and technologies is through constant exchange of ideas, opinions and products. For us, worldwide competition is the best solution to help development: that’s why we want to bring in China great products which can totally outclass the local competition. In this way there really can be complete access to your awesome products, and so the most outstanding companies, those that really deserve it, can truly thrive.

Business meeting assistance

You need a trustable professional to help you during a business meeting to make sure you can make the most out of your time? SinoActive has the right staff for you. Knowing perfectly both english and Chinese as well as the common issues when making businesses between Chinese and westerners, SinoActive will provide you complete aid before, during and after the meetings, to ensure your success.
We will work exactly as members of your staff.
In case you won’t be able to attend the meetings yourself, no worries: SinoActive can take care of the meeting entirely and ensure you have all documentation needed.

Events Management

Preparing an important meeting in a location far away is not easy. You need to find the right place, convenient for your guests as well and properly equipped as well within your budget. Attending a trading fair is even much more complicated than that. SinoActive has experience in all kinds of event management and is able to get you out of trouble – making sure you won’t waste your money, and, most importantly, lose brand value by making the inefficient choices. The solutions provided will be tailored to your needs, suiting the impression you want to give to your customers and, most importantly, achieving your business goals.

Local Customer Care Service

Your customers in Eastern Asia need some support, but you have nobody able to help in their timezone and in their language? Local customer satisfaction is the key to ensure you can positively enter into a new market and keep growing. Sinoactive has a lot of experience in Customer Care and can help you out. Our team knows how to use in the best way possible the tools to simplify the work and to increase the quality of the support drastically.
Our team is able to help immediately by taking care of support for you in the beginning while finding the right people for your company and training them to make sure they can do the job exactly as it should be.

Local Dealers & Partners Research

In business, local aid is extremely important. But stability is as well. You cannot afford to change your local partners or representatives often, or your customers will believe you are not reliable.
SinoActive is able to find a professional local seller for your products or even a full-fledged representative, according to your needs. By going through a deep research of the background of each company we find, we make sure we can get you a reliable and long-lasting cooperation. We are also going to review thoroughly your agreement from both sides to make sure there won’t be any potential trouble in the future.

Chinese Business Selective Training

Whoever wants to do business with East Asia needs to learn that Chinese business culture is very different, in some aspects, from western business cultures. While it is not very hard to learn how to deal with Chinese businessmen, it is incredibly important and it boosts your efficiency by a lot. Since Chinese culture is very central in East Asia, knowing how to work with Chinese will give you an important basis to learn how to do business also in Japan, Korea and so on. Please remember: either you adapt to Chinese business style, or they will adapt to yours. But it is who adapts to the other the one who can control the deal better. Awareness is the key.

Business Verification and Trip Organization

Taking a long term flight to China just to discover the company you contacted was a bit smaller than you expected from the pictures is really not something you want to experience.
SinoActive can help you by verifying the businesses you want to contact in China and even visiting them for you. Furthermore, thanks to our expertise in Chinese business, we can help you to organize your trip in the most efficient way possible – so you can waste no time and have a rewarding experience in China. 

Product & Supplier Outsourcing

If you are looking for a supplier to outsource your product or part of it, we are ready to help!
Our staff has major experience with outsourcing products and finding great suppliers able to provide Proudly Made in China products. The convenience of the price guaranteed by these suppliers will be second only to the very high quality of the products. With our experience in PCB, gadgets, medical supplies, clothing, mechanics and marketing material  we are sure to get you the best products possible at a very competitive cost. Furthermore, we will make sure your following orders can be managed directly in total autonomy.

Register your company in China

Although registering a company in China is not too complex, it requires few procedures to be handled. SinoActive provides help on the spot to take care of everything for you, so that you can start as soon as possible.​

Apply for chinese visa​

Doing business in China will require a specific type of visa, different from the tourist visa. The business visa requires a company to issue an invitation. We are able to help you by providing the invitation and filling other details for your application.​

Professional Chinese Translation

Websites in China require specific help to work properly - a local hosting service, for example, but that's not all: chinese users prefer different types of online content. SinoActive can help, whether you need to upgrade your website or build it from scratch.​

Build or upgrade your website

Chinese is very different from most languages used in the western world, and automatic translators are not yet advanced enough to be reliable, especially for longer texts. SinoActive can help you with professional translations to and from mandarin. ​

Chinese Law & Financial Aid

Sinoactive provides both law and financial consulting services to manage your company in China without worries. Furthermore, our company offers complete assistance and administration of your invoicing and accounting.​

Chinese driving license

In order to validate your driving license in China, you will need to take a theory test in english as well as fill some papers. SinoActive will offer the help you need to schedule your test and get your driving license.​

Trademark registration in China

SinoActive can offer you all the help you need to register your trademark in China. Furthermore, we will take care of contact on your behalf anybody illegally using your trademark both online and offline.​

Chinese language lessons

If you want to learn chinese, our team has experience in teaching languages and is able to give you private training sessions. Lessons can be organized online according to your own business & life schedule. ​

Organize your leisure trip in China

China has really a lot to show, and not only for doing business. China has plenty of beautiful landscapes, historical sites and great things to experience. SinoActive can help you organizing your trip to China.​

Office renting in China

Whether you need a virtual office or a real one, SinoActive can help you find the place your company needs. We are going to provide you all information about each option and guide you through finding your office in China.​

Let’s work together on your project

That would really make our day.
With an innovative approach, focused on your experience with us as well as bringing home the results you need, at SinoActive we like to challenge ourselves and our customers to do the best. Expect us to be in close contact with your experts to really be able to deliver the best of the best.