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How a 80 year old in China is successfully using livestreaming to market her own business

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New online sales strategies livestreaming on online platforms are used by people of all ages.
If normally new socials are usually understood only by the youngest, that’s not the case in China. Although a vast portion of the users of social media are young people, including students, the ones who are actually using them for business are in average older, usually 20-40 year olds… but there are also some exceptions.
One of the top news sources in China chose to interview a very viral elder seller who promoted her apricots by livestreaming on social media.
Perhaps it’s her honest look empowered by the lack of special effects, often abused in socials to the point they can annoy the viewer, or her way to promote the product by tasting it – or a mix of factors: the result is that, thanks to those efforts, everyday, they experienced an increase in followers 4-5 times higher than what they used to get in the past in their channel.
Besides the value of this story to better understand how important are the new social media and how to use them to promote sales, we believe this experience can be, more importantly, another proof, to people from all the world, to never give up on themselves and keep trying new things and going forward.
Because if she could make it, then we have no excuse not to try. Besides, this is not an exceptional case: in a fast environment such as the online one, examples of emulation can easily be found.

Growth of online shoppers in the past 11 years in China. Source: Statista.

Online sales in China are a huge portion of the retailing market – much more than in most other countries, and for this reason competition is fiercer: this forces businessmen and businesswomen to figure out new strategies and try new things.

If you want to watch the video and read the original article to know more about this story, here is the original source.

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