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Want to have your website in China? Get your ICP license

ICP is an acronym for Internet Content Provider.
An ICP license is basically giving you the right to put your content online in a Chinese server.

Why should I get an ICP license?

Considering the existence of the GFW, an ICP license will be mandatory for anybody who wants their website to be popular in China mainland.
As a matter of fact, if your website is hosted outside China mainland, it can still be seen. The problem is that it will be slower and less efficient. In order to promote your content well, you must provide the best environment for your users. That involves, among others, the accessibility and quality of the service.
Do not worry, getting your ICP license is not hard as it may sound.

What types of license exist?

Generally we can say that there are two groups of ICP licenses: one, which is for business use, is named Zheng. The other, called Bei’an, is used for everything else.
The difference between the two licenses types is that Bei’an doesn’t allow you to make profit through your website, for example by opening an online store. For this reason, while all businesses should register their ICP license, not all of them require a Zheng license.
After all, most can use online marketplaces such as Taobao or JD.

What do I need to request my ICP license?

It depends on the type of company you have. If you are a WFOE company, then you will need:
1. Certificate of your hosting
2. Passport + temporary or permanent residence permit
3. Picture and phone contact of a Chinese citizen as “responsible of your website”
4. Fill the ICP license registration form (you will get it from your hosting)
5. Fill the Authenticity Verification Form issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
6. Business license and seal of your company
7. 1.000.000 RMB as your social capital (only if you want to have an online shop)
8. Wait 20 business days for approval or denial of your request.

Remember that some provinces may have different rules for their ICP license. Keep in mind to make a specific research before starting the procedure, or ask our experts to help you out!

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