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How tourism business in China survived COVID

One of the biggest sectors impacted most by the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown is tourism industry. But how come this seems to not apply for China?

China’s local tourism boom

The danger of pandemic made the Chinese New Year of 2020 longer than expected. Due to the recovery program of many companies and the coronavirus pandemic endangering people all over the world, many decided to not take chances for a long time.

Source: CGTN

Things got back into place during the Golden Week, in the first week of October 2020. It was an immense success for the tourism business. More than 600 million trips were booked within China. Highways and tourist sites were filled with people. Everybody seizes the opportunity of a prolonged vacation to get away from their houses and visit a new place. The Golden Week is the second biggest holiday season in China, so it hits the mark. Yet, it was not as great as in 2019 with almost 800 million trips, and, of course, tourism abroad suffered even more.

Still not many international flights

Getting to China is quite hard since the pandemic started. That’s especially true for short trips such as tourist visits. For example, recently the quarantine period has been recently extended to 21 days for UK residents going to Hong Kong. This is also due to the new strain of COVID circulating in the British Isles.
Furthermore, mainland China offers one connecting flight per week for each country to a single airport, limiting the effective amount of people that can get to China. These regulations have been implemented to protect the population of China. And yet China is currently experiencing a small new wave of COVID-19 cases in Shenyang. This is especially important to notice: the Chinese New Year is approaching again, and it is the biggest holiday period for China.

What will be of next Chinese New Year?

While the Chinese New Year of 2021 will unlikely be as bad as 2020’s, thanks to the fact Chinese people are well aware of the pandemic and how to fight it, it is still possible that there will be a surge in local cases in China. For this reason, China is focusing its vaccination program to cover workers and volunteers working in the transportation sector or are at high risk of infection.
Surely these measures drastically reduce the risks. The New Year migration is a massive event and many families get together only during this period every year.

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