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Made in China 2025

China’s plan to dramatically improve the manufacturing quality of its products in the medium term is called Made in China 2025. At SinoActive we believe this is the perfect moment for Proudly Made in China products to thrive, as the world economy will change once China will become a stronger economy.

Manufacturing: pillar of prosperity

The world powers on the past three centuries were those with the biggest manufacturing economy: Great Britain and United States among them. Even before, smaller countries with prospering economies had a strong influence worldwide – the Netherlands being an historical example. 
China believes that the path to become a developed economy will be sustained by manufacturing, and wants to address its main current issues: capability for innovation, and moving from being a massive manufacturer to a quality one, focused on high tech.

Guiding Principles

China focuses on 5 big guiding principles:
Innovation-driven development, supporting more technological breakthroughs to be made in China;
Quality First, removing the worldwide-known stereotype of poor quality being typical of Made in China products;
Green Development, focusing on recycling and energy saving procedures and innovations;
Structure Optimization, helping to transform production-oriented manufacturing into a service-oriented one;
Talent-oriented Development, supporting entrepreneurship and promoting talents everywhere.

How can your company benefit of Made in China 2025 initiative? Some ideas:

Development in China

China is focusing on making further steps in development of new technologies on its own. For this reason, cooperation with foreign research teams is widely encouraged.

Quality Improvement

China is fighting to make sure the average quality of the products increases - expecting its 2015 defect rate to drop by 50% by 2025. This ensures even more the quality of the products made in China.

China as Investment Hub

Knowing the direction of Chinese economy and the encouragement of foreign investment, you may feel safer to invest in Chinese stock options and companies.

Engineering Consulting

Working together on complex problems is far easier than doing it on your own, and Chinese understand the importance of a second opinion in these aspects. A technical consulting company has huge opportunities to cooperate with Chinese think tanks.

Quality Certification

An example being the TUV Rheinland's cooperation with Alibaba, where TUV ensures its guarantee of quality for specific Alibaba sellers who match the requirements and the quality checks.

Urban Parking Facilities

The huge cities in China require more and more flexible parking solutions. An example are specialized vertical lifts for the vehicles, making it possible to put several cars on top of each other to save parking space.

Special industry access

One third of the restrictions for foreign businesses on mining, manufacturing and service industries have been lifted. This means that some opportunities that used to be available only to Chinese businesses are now open for foreign innovation.

Modern Logistics

China has a very well developed infrastructure system that allows shipment to be cheap and fast, but it is still not enough. A country vast and populated like China can always use improvements in this field.

3D Printing Components

3D printing is becoming more and more widely used, and China is no exception. With more and more investments being done on both researching more and more products manufacturable via 3D printers, and better 3D printing materials and solutions, China is ready to invest in 3D innovation.

Smart Manufacturing

Made in China 2025 is the response to Industry 4.0 plans in Europe, so the Smart Manufacturing is very interesting for China - that is, being able to autonomously respond to changes during manufacturing process thanks to the application of big data and AI to the production process. Those solutions are sought after in China, where production is extremely vast and various.


Environment-friendly innovation is highly regarded in China. Smart recycling trash bins, for example, have been successfully applied in several key areas in the biggest cities of China as a testing environment. In future, massive production and application is bound to happen.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are being used and tested in different fields in China. For example, you can see each detail of the vehicle you want to purchase directly from home. Those interested in purchasing a home can see it immediately instead of having to book an appointment, saving also agent's own time.

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