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Create your personal merchandising line

China has lots of different gadget to help you promote your business. With so many full OEM options available, you are going to attract all the eyes.

Outsource your marketing material

Business cards, flyers, catalogs and much more are all printed in paper and customization is very flexible. You want your card to be water-proof? Make sure it won’t be easily cut? Make it change colors, or sparkle? Any idea you might have, we know the right supplier who can help you realize it. At an extremely convenient cost. Our experience in purchasing marketing material in China can guarantee you will get a great deal. If you think your idea is too hard to realize, do not worry and ask away instead: you might find out there are already specialized suppliers doing it.

Merchandising made in China

Anybody who has been in a trading fair will know what is the look in the eyes of a visitor who has just seen the most great gadget. In order to have as many people as possible experience that, you need proper merchandising, fit to your brands. China is the factory of the world and indeed can do basically any gadget you might think of, and of course there are also tons of ideas you won’t even think feasible, for a good price. Whether you look for a customized drink, a 3D-printed USB drive, a flag of your company, a backpack for the kids or a business suitcase, a suit, a watch or anything your mind may conceive… We have got you covered.

Let’s work together on your project

That would really make our day.
With an innovative approach, focused on your experience with us as well as bringing home the results you need, at SinoActive we like to challenge ourselves and our customers to do the best. Expect us to be in close contact with your experts to really be able to deliver the best of the best.