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Company Representative

We handled for years the business of an important italian company that chose to open an office and establish a presence in China. Helping to open the first office in Shanghai and single-handledly managing accounting, HR, sales and customer care made our client able to focus on the key business areas while investing in China. Cash flow started to increase and our staff advised to expand the team to make the business entirely independent. This made an easy beginning and a strong continuation of the business in China possible – with low management costs as it was not  held by external consultants for too long.

Business Consulting

SinoActive’s team has experience working and analyzing the efforts of several other companies, and thus is able to make the best out of both empiric and theoretical worlds. Whether you company is small, medium or big and whichever your field of expertise is, SinoActive will know how to let you discover the right direction for your company. Each company has a different path to follow for greatness – after analyzing countless other enterprises in the same conditions, our team has become skilled into giving the right directions to recognize it.

Marketing Management

All the staff in SinoActive has a strong experience in marketing both in China and outside. We know how to use each tool available to find you new customers and receive appreciation from the current ones. In our past work we always strived to teach our customers how to work together to get the best results and make sure that their marketing team would be able to pick up the job after a while. For those who wish to outsource entirely the marketing management, SinoActive is happy to help, working as part of the team and not as any external consulting company.

Events Management

Being based in Shanghai, SinoActive’s team is able to get to work with the best companies to provide stand management as well as linguistic and business support. It is very important to have local support, and not only for language needs – most importantly because of the different business culture.  Also, remember that after an event, your company’s staff will likely be exhausted: finding a good accommodation, which has a near location but at the same time not costly is easier for locals and extremely important to ensure the success of your event! This includes also trading fairs, training courses held or attended by your team and summits.

Product Outsourcing

Our team has strong connections with China’s most professional suppliers for specific industries, and can find the one which is mostly suitable for your business. Given our competence, we have been able to provide solutions which outdid the expectations of our customers, finding equivalent products with as less as 15% of the cost for the marketing material, or 50% in the case of PCBs, of the average cost in Europe. Our trusted suppliers can give better prices and products thanks to their long-lasting cooperation with SinoActive.

Business Training

SinoActive’s team’s knowledge is not our best asset. People are. Our business training is meant to transfer both the technical knowledge and the proper mindset to each of your staff members, with a strong focus on the leading people. And if you need help to find the right resource for that project but have no budget to spare, we can look into your team and discover their hidden potential!
Furthermore, through our training, your team will also learn how to do business with Chinese people and get a big advantage over your competition.

Customer Care Management

A good customer care service in China is needed to survive; a great one helps to achieve success. Following client’s complaints and directing them to the right people is easier said than done: it requires deep knowledge of the company structure and capability to tell what is important from what is not, and handle complaints so that the client will still smile even if you couldn’t help. Our team has a long experience in China and in the rest of the world, dealing with customers using phone and one on one talks as well as new technologies, like HelpDesk, online chat and AI. In the companies that were or currently are managed by us, the average yearly customer retention rate is above 95%.

Product Management

SinoActive’s staff for years managed the development of an international product’s software and hardware using Agile. The product’s value accounted for more than 70% of the incomes of the company. We took key decisions and prioritized the work in a way that could benefit the worldwide market as well as the Chinese one. Without spending important development resources for specific needs of the Chinese customers, our team managed to receive very positive feedback and kept the brand growing, thanks to well-planned features that were cost-effective. Today the product is among the 3 leaders worldwide and the number one in China.

Do you want our Team to help you out?
Whether you want to start on a new project or wish for some help on something that is not going so well anymore, we are happy to hear your story, and will get back to you as soon as we can with our proposals and ideas.