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Who we are

SinoActive, registered as 上海悉诺欧商务咨询中心 (Shanghai Xi nuo ou shang wu zi xun zhong xin), is an international consulting company based in Shanghai, China.
The legal representative is 张云儿 (Zhang Yuner).
SinoActive provides help to those business who wish to work in China, as well as help expand chinese businesses worldwide.

Our web services
Our website is using a real-time chat service called Crisp. User will be asked – but not forced – to provide an email address so that the transcript of the chat can be sent at the end of the conversation, and in order to provide a feedback later on.
Crisp follows GDPR and ensures that all the data are encrypted and safe. More about their privacy policy here.
SinoActive will use your mail address, if provided, for general marketing purposes. Email addresses and other data gathered during your conversations with SinoActive through the chat will not be used for profiling activities.

Where and for how long your data will be stored
Crisp (and thus, SinoActive) will store the conversation for a maximum of 14 days on its servers. Your email address will be stored in a database (based in USA) to be used for marketing purposes. You can opt out of our mailing list directly by clicking “I do not wish to receive any more marketing emails from SinoActive” at the end of each email. 

Legal issues
If you feel SinoActive has been treating your rights unfairly, you can directly contact us at Any legal argument shall be settled following the law of People’s Republic of China, where the company is based.

What if I do not want to provide any personal data?
That is no problem. All our services are available whether the user decides to provide personal data or not.

SinoActive does not do any profiling activity or similar.

Version: 1.0
Last update: 13/04/2020