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Proudly Made in China

SinoActive actively promotes the Proudly Made in China worldwide:
What does this mean? And what does it take to be a Proudly Made in China product?


Tech Breakthrough

Any made in China product or solution which is able to break what we like to define as a "Technological Wall" is a Proudly Made in China product. A Technological Wall is, for example, not being able to achieve a 100% efficiency when converting solar rays into energy by solar panels.

Expand on a breakthrough

It is not enough to simply break the wall: it is also needed to expand on other's breakthroughs, to be able to use all its potential. IOT applications are usually the best example of that, as they combine an electronic breakthrough with a comfortable interface.

Why "Proudly Made in China"

The world knows China more for its cheap manufacturers than for its tech feats. SinoActive is an ambassador of Made in China quality and believes in the approaching day the label “Made in China” will be something to be proud of, and a symbol of trustable quality. The quality of Chinese-made products is actually the cause of the success of many western businesses, which outsource their manufacturing in China, due to a lower cost, as well as higher quality. In our effort to make sure good Chinese products can be recognized everywhere, we connect with businesses all over the world and help great Chinese companies thrive outside China. This time, as protagonists.