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Are you looking for medical supplies?

Health is the first and most important concern of each individual, and, therefore, of any business as well. From looking for professional medical suppliers to helping you purchase and export a batch of personal protection equipment (PPE), SinoActive will follow you through all the procedures required to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Healthcare-focused suppliers

SinoActive's network includes exclusively factories that manufacture specific products. In this way you can receive proper guarantees of the quality and price of the products, and minimize the risk to receive defects.

Together, from the beginning till the end

Our professional and experienced team will follow your purchase in each single step: you will not have to worry about issues with shipment or custom declaration.

Items stocked and ready to ship

Our variety of suppliers ensures that in the majority of the cases there will be availability within 24h for your purchase. Even in critical periods such as the current one.

PPE for civilian use

Face masks and similar equipment are always needed to ensure the safety of others in public, and they are becoming part of our daily lives. In the current situation, without specific medication or vaccine, prevention is fundamental. Until those will be realized, the personal protective equipment (PPE) will be required in all public places. Fundamental businesses workers are also requiring to use them – thus making PPE for civilian use one of the most requested items on the global market in 2020.
SinoActive can help you to find the masks you need so you can replenish your stock.

PPE for public and private health care workers

Health care workers, such as nurses, doctors and surgeons are those who experience every day the highest risk of viral infection.
It is fundamental to protect those who are protecting us by making sure they can access to their equipment anytime they require it: of course, all those items must be certified and have the highest quality possible. 
SinoActive provides a high priority service for public and private hospitals, laboratories and clinics requiring PPEs.

Quarantine enforcement equipment

A nation-wide quarantine is an extremely daunting task. It requires the cooperation of both the public enforcers and the common people. But without the proper equipment, it becomes outright impossible to make it long-lasting. On the other side, some businesses need to keep working, and they must do it in safe conditions. SinoActive supports the efforts of all those involved in the fight of COVID-19 by providing technical assistance to find professional suppliers able to provide vast quantities of equipment such as laser thermometers, alcohol disinfectants, etc.