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SinoActive starts now!

We are eager to bring out Proudly Made in China products, as well as bring in China innovation and good products from all over the world!
Founded by a Chinese and an Italian in Shanghai, SinoActive is born of a common idea: with China’s relatively recent opening up, there is more and more need for mutual cooperation among the countries of the world with China. China has really a lot to offer to the world, and that is not only cheap, low quality products. Just like the world also has a lot to offer to this 1.4 billion’s huge consumer market.

There are all kinds of Chinese factories, some of them doing extremely high technology products, or delivering great services worldwide. Due to cultural and political divergences, though, not enough people are aware of the potential of China.
China is currently working towards the end of its current five year plan (2015-2020), and to realize Made In China 2025
The One Belt, One Road initiative is bringing out China as a international leader, especially in Asia and Africa.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak did not change Chinese government’s plans for the future. Their commitments still stand and will likely be achieved. The seriousness of the approach of both Chinese citizens and government means that all over the world, everybody must understand a little bit more about China. It does not necessarily mean everybody should do business with China, or to support it – but to be aware of its presence at the very least.

SinoActive starts out with a project meant to help all those companies wishing to buy masks and medical supplies to fight the coronavirus outbreak worldwide. As everybody, we want to have this situation end as soon as possible, so everybody can go back to their own lives, with as less casualties as possible.
If any reader needs any kind of medical supply, and is looking for a good provider – fast and inexpensive, with good quality products – then feel free to contact us.

The more people we can help, the better is for everybody. Feel free to share this message on social networks. 

We will help to organize the connection with the supplier and the shipment from China to your country. We will also ensure, if possible, that shipment will be protected from any issues in customs.
We place the requests in two types of categories:
1. Emergency
– if who requests is a public health service or private health service, or is spending at least 10.000 USD in medical supplies
– answer in 12h max
– fee is 5% of purchased amount
– future purchases can be done directly through the supplier
– example: first purchase of 250.000 medical masks (three-ply surgical) will be 0,43 USD per mask + 5% agency fee = approximately 0,46 USD (EXW). Second purchase, if done directly through the supplier, will just be 0,43 USD per mask (EXW).
2. Regular
– everybody who is not able to fit in first category
– answer in 24h max
– fee is 10% of purchased amount
– example: any purchase of 10.000 single use medical masks will be 0,35 USD per mask + 10% agency fee = approximately 0,39 USD per mask (EXW).

Note: The price of the masks is changed a lot due to the several factors, such as the price of the raw materials . The quantity purchased will also affect the final price. Shipment costs and time depend on the specific address and country.

Stay safe!

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