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The CIIE 2021 in Shanghai

Last week we’ve been at the CIIE 2021, the yearly China International Import Expo, at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC). Here is our report about the fair, and you can click here for a video report!

What is so important about CIIE 2021?

The CIIE’s panda mascotte can be found pretty much everywhere around the NECC and, quite honestly, throughout parts of Shanghai during the fair period.

The CIIE panda mascotte painted on a pedestrian lane near the NECC.

That should show that this is certainly an important event for China. After all, the CIIE exhibitors are in vast majority foreign, coming to China for its huge market, a big change from the times when China once was “just” the factory of the world.

The burden of COVID-19 on the fair

The political importance and the prestige of such an event is quite high. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors were not as many as in the past.

A shot of the food area during CIIE 2021.

Many smaller exhibitors had local representatives due to the difficulty of traveling in these times. Even some Chinese visitors had to call off their visit due to local outbreaks near the exhibition dates in some areas of China. This impacted negatively the business potential of the event.
Regardless of that, it was an interesting event. In the automotive sector we’ve seen some innovations, including the recently built Nissan VC-Turbo engine.

In the automotive section of CIIE 2021, new energy vehicles have been promoted, including hybrid and full-electric vehicles.

Furthermore, the food and wine areas were full of brands promoting their products from all over the world. Many national stands showed products and organized performances to promote their culture and country.
If you want to know more about CIIE and other events in China, contact us!

Kiwi from the New Zealand brand Zespri at CIIE 2021.

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