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Tokyo 2020, Xiaomi, spiritual opium… last week in China

Final results of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Source:

China is 2nd at Tokyo 2020

China got the second place in Tokyo 2020, just a gold away from USA. In preparation for Beijing 2022, the coming Winter Olympic Games, the government is ensuring a safe environment for the athletes and people in the locations where the games will be hosted. One of the key points will be to ensure the vaccination process continues swiftly. As of now, China already administered more than 1.7 billion doses. [CCTV]

Xiaomi beats Apple in the smartphone market

Xiaomi’s growth is outstanding. According to Canalys, during Q2, Xiaomi got the first place in Italy, France and Spain. Globally, Xiaomi has grown by 83% just in the past one year, and it is finally no.2, just a percentage point away from the leading Samsung. Apple, Oppo and Vivo follow. [Xiaomi]

List of the world smartphone vendors in Q2 2021. Source: Canalys

Videogames are spiritual opium?

The whole gaming sector registered a recent loss due to a news that defined video games as a kind of spiritual opium that affects children’s eye sight, social skills and studies. Just like in the West, videogames are looked down on by a part of the Chinese society. Yet, there is also space for more balanced opinions. Insiders of the industry replied that an opium dealer would never give opium to his kids, but those who work in the gaming industry are definitely happy to introduce their kids to video games, and some define the gaming industry as a great cultural bridge to let more learn about Chinese culture. China is the biggest market for the gaming sector since 2019. [Weibo]

Delta variant is currently under control

15 provinces in China have at least one confirmed case of COVID-19. The outbreak, started with an imported Delta-variant case, is currently under control, and the government confirms that the protective measures adopted nationally are working against this strain. [People’s Daily]

Global economic recovery needs cooperation

Recently, Chen Jian (顾问), formerly vice-minister of Commerce and consultant at CCG (China and Globalization, a think tank based in China), stated that the global economy recovery can be boosted through investing in digital economy, infrastructure, and technological innovation. He also pointed out that the way forward is to promote global cooperation with a positive and inclusive mindset. [中国新闻网]

Zhejiang introduces 9 measures to improve e-commerce across borders

The province of Zhejiang introduced 9 measures meant to improve the development of E-commerce across borders. Zhejiang is one of the most developed and rich areas of China, and homeland of the massive Ant Group, that includes Alipay, Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall and others. The province is a testing field for potential future implementation on a larger scale, as Zhejiang is very suitable for these experiments thanks to the diversity of social, economical and geographical environments. [Zhejiang Daily]

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