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Trupiano Trading is open for business!

After more than a year since starting SinoActive, our business required for some… expansion.

Our efforts until now were directed along two main directions: one, our consulting services; and the other, import & export.
In order to face the amount of opportunities and workload more properly, we pondered and decided to split the two businesses among two companies.
SinoActive will keep the focus on consulting services. To handle import & export more efficiently we founded a new company: Trupiano Trading Co., Ltd., headquartered in Minhang District, Shanghai.

Find us at Ecovalley!

Trupiano Trading’s location is in the new office complex Ecovalley, an important location for businesses of all kinds, connected to the huge Hongqiao hub and the famous National Exhibition and Convention Center of Shanghai (NECC). The position is clearly advantageous for several reasons: it is easy to reach for businesspeople coming to Shanghai by railway, plane or bus, thanks to the Hongqiao hub being a five minutes walk away. Being a couple of km away from NECC allows us to provide better services for the trading shows being hosted there, too.

National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Source:

You can expect more videos such as the one in CMEF 2021 and CIBE 2021, where we show the opportunities and possibilities of the numerous events being held every day in China.

Trupiano Trading is hiring!

A new company also means new people.
Trupiano Trading is in dire need for a pair of extra hands.
If you want to know more about the opportunity, here are more details about the position:

Job: Administrative Assistant

Job Description:

  1. Customer service work on WeChat and similar platforms
  2. Assist in organizing exhibitions and related market activities
  3. Administrative work such as managing invoicing & balances, inventory & shipments et similia.

If you feel you’d like to work with us, please ensure you can meet the following requirements:

  1. Accurate, patient and organized in your work
  2. You want to find a balance between life and work
  3. You will feel at ease working in a young and energetic team
  4. High sense of responsibility
  5. You wish to find a job that can get you more opportunities to learn and try new things

Note: English language is not a requirement. For more info, contact us directly by emailing, or find us on LinkedIn!

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