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What is Zhongqiu Jie and how cakes can be worth 19 bil RMB

The Zhongqiu Jie, literally Mid-Autumn festival, is coming up soon in China and other East Asian countries, such as Korea, Japan and Vietnam. This holiday is the second in China by business importance, since it drives consumption up a lot.
Zhongqiu Jie has a long history of 3000 years: it celebrated the moon and agriculture.

When is Zhongqiu Jie?

The Zhongqiu Jie is the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which is between the second half of September and the beginning of October.
This year the festival goes from 1st October to the 8th. The full duration of the holiday period that includes Zhongqiu Jie is called Golden Week.

What do people do during Zhongqiu Jie?

As most Chinese holidays, especially long ones, Zhongqiu Jie is a good chance to go back home to visit the family or stay with friends.
A lot of people eat the traditional Mooncakes, either sharing a bigger one, or eating mini-sized ones. Mooncakes come in an incredibly various gamma of flavors and are a fairly big business in China.

What are Zhongqiu Jie’s mooncakes?

Mooncakes are pastries with fillings that can go from sweet to salty flavors. Typical ingredients are red bean jam or lotus seed paste. Mooncakes are often alongside tea.

Zhongqu Jie's traditional food: mooncakes.

Some mooncakes have extra fillings or alternative ingredients, from the most common salted duck egg yolk to date or nuts paste, pineapple, durian, ice cream, tea and taro. The gamma of flavors is constantly increasing and it is hard not to find one that you will like.
Chinese characters are engraved in each mooncake to bring good luck.
In the past, families would gather to prepare mooncakes and then eat them together.
But, lately, things changed.

Giving mooncakes to your team

It is now practically a tradition in China for a business owner to give mooncakes to the team. It is also common to give it to friends as well. For this reason, a mooncake box has a fluctuating price, especially when it’s getting close to the Zhongqiu Jie. Some businesses seized the chance to provide premium gift boxes or create new mooncake flavors using the most particular ingredients.
The mooncake business was worth 19 billion RMB in 2019, with a year-on-year growth between 7% and 10% in the past five years. If you add also other businesses, such as tourism, tea, alcohol and other food products, the value of this festival is immense, second only to the Chinese New Year.

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