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If you came to this page it is because you are wondering what makes SinoActive useful for your needs. After all, this market has a vast number of companies that offer diversified consulting services, and many of them have been established before SinoActive.

Vision & Mission

We are not meant to be taking each and every customer. That is the situation in a free market.
Since we have no ambitions of monopoly, we direct our efforts only to the people we like to work with. 
That’s because we can offer a more powerful service if we work with our ideal customer type.
SinoActive does not have any “aim straight for the top” business plan. 
Our mission is to make sure that each and every one of the people who chose us will be looking back at the day of their decision thinking it was indeed the right one.

Our Business Plan

Do what we are good at, and in the best way possible. 
Choose our customers and clarify what we are not able to do so we can make sure they won’t need something we cannot provide.
In this way, nobody wastes time and money.
If you need a personal motivator who will give you only good news with a permanent smile and burn your money away till you finally notice, then go look elsewhere – the world has already too many of them.
If you need a team that works with you in the way that is most comfortable for your interests – although this may mean giving you bad news or telling you that your company is not ready for China, or viceversa – we are the kind of people you want to work with.

To make it in 5 simple points, choose Sinoactive if:

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