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Why you need a sourcing agent for China

It is not mandatory to have a sourcing agent, but it can help a lot.

There are really a lot of companies doing the same thing in China.
Some of them can be found on Alibaba or other channels which are easily accessible by Westerners, but most of them will be much more easy to deal with if you can use a sourcing agent or if you can speak Chinese with them. Plus, most of the companies which usually deal with foreigners will have higher prices or lower quality compared with their local competition.
They often use their knowledge of english – albeit poor at times – and experience in export to make some extra profit.
The sourcing agent can help you with export of products which some Chinese companies might not have experience with – or perhaps they lack the business license to work with foreigners. This means you have access to much more cooperation opportunities through a sourcing agent than by dealing with it yourself directly. Sure, you will need to pay your agent, but it should be well worth it, especially if you can find a long term supplier, since you need to pay the agent only once.
Last but not least, the agent can help you solve any issue with your supplier because they know Chinese law and they know how not to be tricked. Some sellers in China (just like in other countries) may want to raise the price or give you some excuses for their low performance. The agent will not accept excuses for a poor performance, and use well the Chinese business law to ensure you waste as less as possible of your own time and money. For example, many businesses in China will only make important purchases through contracts, that specify all the consequences in case of low performance or no delivery, and so on. Those contract protect both sides, but since they are made in Chinese you need somebody who knows how to deal with this, and knowing the language is not enough. You also need to know how to do business in China.
SinoActive provides full-fledged sourcing service, specializing in electronics, software, automotive, mechatronics, mechanics, medical equipment and supplies, clothing and marketing material.
If what you are requesting is not included in the ones listed above, feel free to ask us anyway. We are always excited to join into new interesting projects – even where we are not 100% competent: we will admit where our shortcomings are, and discuss together the feasibility of the cooperation.

In any case, if our sourcing service will not be good enough – for example by delivering a product under the standards requested or above the price you could find by yourself, we won’t charge you at all.
Our pricing follows:
– Project rate (for assistance on sourcing the supplier the first time and preparing the grounds for further purchases later on): 3.5% of the first bulk purchase. Afterwards, any assistance in dealing with the supplier will be 20 USD per hour.
– Fixed rate (for assistance on projects already started by you or another consultant): 35 USD per hour

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