You wish to work with us?
We are happy to meet you!

Our team is always ready to involve more and more people interested into making
worldwide cooperation easier! At the moment we are not looking for a specific role to be filled.
However, this does not mean we are not open to interviews.
If you believe you can fit into a team where each individual has
extremely important responsibilities and career opportunities,
then we will openly welcome any person that can share our 7 core values:



Customers always want us to be professional, so it would be normal to be so. But for us it is different: being professional is who we are. We want people to remember us for being an example of professionalism. That does not mean we have OCD. We know shit happens. Know how to handle any situation without losing it – that is the pure definition of being a professional.

Self Improvement

Before being able to improve our customers we need to be able to improve ourselves. Setting extremely ambitious goals and then reaching them is the best way for us to make sure we are always climbing the ladder - no matter for how long, because we know there is no end to improvement. At SinoActive we don't want anybody to feel dragged down, but raised up. Our flexible working environment allows you to make your work match with your personal life needs, and not the opposite.

Long Term Approach

Overpricing is one of the things we hate the most. We like to have our customers happy with our work, and in order to do so we need to try our best and provide the most qualified work without asking for extremely high fees. For this reason, our pricing is both flexible and competitive, and our customer approach method is tailored to the needs of each business. Our customers will be in for the long run, and we want to walk the path of success alongside them as peers and companions.


We like automatizing stuff. We like having time to dedicate to new activities, and we do not like to repeat the same process for too long if there is another way around.

Open Mind

For us there is no such thing such as black or white: there are unlimited shades of grey. We are proud of our flexible logic, combined with unflexible morals and values.


Being part of something that will make the world better is not enough. We want to make ourselves something that improves the world, and each member of SinoActive should be ready to do that, individually and in the team.


What excites us the most? Space colonization, long life elixirs, clean energy, welfare tech, IoT, you name them. In short: things that do not exist, or have a lot of chances for improvement.

If you think you can fit, then give it a shot: write below your details!